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Welcome to the Prospector Help Center!

Prospector is a one of a kind, sales focused, cybersecurity assessment tool designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT Consultants to quickly identify internet-facing footprints, external configuration issues and potential vulnerabilities of their clients and prospects. The ultimate goal of prospector is to help "move the conversation forward" with your clients and prospects, and hopefully help them engage with you, the service provider, in conversations around securing and supporting their IT environment. 

 This documentation will guide you through using the features and functionalities of Prospector effectively.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Initial Setup
  3. Using the Scan Dashboard
  4. Navigating the Results Dashboard
  5. Creating Reports and Intro Letters
  6. Admin Menus
  7. FAQs
  8. Contact Support

1. Getting Started

Accessing Prospector

  • Prospector is a web-based application and requires no local installation. 
  • To have your team access Prospector, simply have them navigate to prospector.nextiercyber.com and log in or create an account. 

Account Creation

  • When registering for an account, users are asked if they are joining an existing company or registering a new one. It is important to let your team know (if you plan on having multiple users) about this option and instruct them accordingly. 
    • New Company Registration
      • Simply fill out the form and create an account. Once your account is created, you will be provided a Unique ID for your organization. It is very important that you keep this, as it will be used by others to join your organization when they register. Note if you do lose this, it can be retrieved by logging in and navigating to Manage Company Profile, where it is displayed at the bottom of the profile. 
      • NOTE: The first user registered to an organization will automatically be created as an org admin. This will allow them the ability to manage other users, including creating, deleting and resetting user passwords. See "Admin Menus" section for more details on the admin functions. 
    • Join an Existing Company
      • To join an existing org, the user will simply fill out the registration form as before but will select "No" when asked if they are registering a new company. By selecting "No" the user will be prompted to enter the Unique ID provided by the org admin. This is automatically map the new user to the existing organization, giving them access to all scans and reports for that organization. 

  • MFA - All users are required to register an MFA device. This is done to secure your account and is easily accomplished by using any standard Authenticator Application on a smartphone, such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or the like. Simply scan the barcode to add the account. You will need this TOTP code whenever accessing the application. 

2. Initial Setup

Updating the Company Profile

  • Navigate to the "Admin Actions" section from the main user menu.
  • Here you can enter your company information, such as name, address, and contact details. These settings will be used on all reports for all users under your org, so it is recommended to use the company information (ie. support@company.com instead of joey@company.com). 
  • To upload your company logo, click on the "Upload Logo" button and select a PNG file from your device. This logo will be used in the reports generated by Prospector. Please note this will automatically be resized in reports. 

Selecting and Purchasing a License

  • Go to the "Manage License" section accessible from the main menu.
  • Choose between 'Annual' or 'Monthly' licensing options.
  • Clicking on either option will redirect you to our Stripe Secure payment portal page to complete the purchase.
  • Upon payment, you will automatically receive an email confirmation with your license details. It is important to keep your license in a safe place once you receive it. Licenses are valid for the organization who purchases them, so it need only be applied once per organization. 
  • Once a license is purchased, you can navigate back to the Manage License section and enter the license and hit submit to activate. 

NOTE: A current, valid license is required to perform scans. If your license expires, you will still have access to existing scans and reports but will not be able to perform additional scans. 

Managing an Existing Subscription

  • In the "Manage License" section, click on "Manage Subscription."
  • Enter your email associated with the subscription to receive a direct link to your Stripe portal where you can modify or cancel your subscription. Terms of cancellation are available in this portal. 

3. Using the Scan Dashboard

Launching Scans

  • Navigate to "Launch Scans" from the left-hand menu and click it to bring up the scanning dashboard.
  • To perform a prospector scan, simply enter a domain name and click "Scan." 
  • Scans typically take 3-5 minutes but may take longer for targets with a large online footprint, since all found subdomains will be scanned for vulnerabilities. 
  • You can navigate away from the dashboard after starting the scan; notifications will appear in the notification area on the left-hand side of the application. There is no need to sit and watch the grass grow, the scan will run in the background!
  • Once a scan is complete, it will be added to the results dashboard. 

Setting Up Multi-Domain Scans

  • Click "Setup Multi-Domain Scan" on the scan dashboard.
  • A modal will appear. In the modal, add domains one at a time and submit when ready. You can submit as many domains as you like, but it is recommended to limit batches to 10 or less domains per batch.
  • Scans will proceed in the order entered, with notifications for each scan's status. 
  • As scans complete, they will be added to the results dashboard. 

4. Navigating the Results Dashboard

Accessing Scan Results

  • Click "Manage Results > Review Scans" from the left menu.
  • This opens the scan management dashboard, listing all scans.
    • Scans can be sorted by clicking the header of the table columns so you can sort by risk score, name, date, etc. 
  • Click "View Scan" to access detailed results and populate the Results Dashboard or "Create Client Reports" to generate reports directly from this dashboard.
  • Note that you can quickly create reports, or download excel results directly from this dashboard. 
  • To delete a scan, click the delete symbol. Note that this action cannot be undone. 

Results Dashboard

  •  The Results Dashboard is the intended to quickly provide information about a scan. 
  • For a full online report without having to download Excel results, users can click on "View All Data" just below the Generate Reports button. This will bring up an online, interactive report where all results can be viewed. 
  • If the scan is a good candidate for producing client facing reports, users can generate reports by clicking on "Generate Reports" from the scan dashboard. 

5. Creating Reports and Intro Letters

Generating Reports

  • After selecting Generate Reports from either the results dashboard or scan management dashboard:
    • Follow the prompts to customize the report content and finalize the creation.
    • The Company Name is what will be printed on the report and used in the intro letter. 
    • The industry should match as close as possible to the target companies' industry. 
    • The Company Size should match the size of the target company. 

See below for Report Types

Full Report - PDF

  • This report should be considered an "Executive Report" and is intended to share with the client/prospect. It contains clients facing language and details about the scan results, along with information about risks associated with their industry. 

NOTE: The Full PDF report can be generated in "Light Mode" or "Dark Mode" by toggling the switch in the report setup modal before hitting "Download PDF Report". 

Custom Reports - PDF or Email

  • These report templates offer an opportunity for the IT provider to introduce themselves to the client/prospect and is intended to share with the client/prospect. It contains an introduction section, along with some details from the scan findings. It is recommended to share these with the prospect after you have made initial introductions and are looking to "move the conversation forward" or make a secondary contact with them. 

NOTE: We do NOT recommend sending anything from Prospector as a "cold" introduction. It is meant to show the value of your services and build trust with a prospective client once an initial relationship has begun to develop (phone calls etc.). You are very likely to see the opposite if this is used for cold outreach. 

Excel Report - XSLT

  • To download scan results in Excel format, go to the scan management dashboard and click the Excel download button.
  • The Excel document will include detailed findings and data points from the scan.
  • This report contains all technical details and may not be suitable for client consumption. We have found it to be most beneficial to the IT team. 

Admin Menu

  • All admin menus can be accessed under the main user menu at the top right corner of the application. ​
  • Manage Users: 
    • Here you can manually manage other users in your organization. 
    • Users created will automatically be added to your organization. 
    • This is where additional admins can be created. Once a user registers, an admin can promote them to admin using the "Promote to Admin" button. 
    • Admins are able to reset user passwords via this menu OR users can be instructed to perform self-service password reset by clicking the "Forgot Password" link on the login page. 
    • Admins can manually reset a user's TOTP if the user lost or changed phones. 
      • Simply select "reset TOTP" and the user will be sent an email with reset instructions. 
    • Users can also be deleted here. Note that deleting a user cannot be undone. 


Thanks for choosing prospector! 

We eagerly await your feedback so we can build our FAQ knowledge base. 

Contact Support

  • Support Email: support@nextiercyber.com
  • Please note that all support requests must be submitted via email. We will do our best to answer questions as fast as we can, please allow for up to 24 hours for a response.